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The Best Way To Sell A Car Is To Have A Company Purchase It From You!


Whether you own a car you no longer are able to use, a junk car that needs to find a new home or a car that has too many repairs to make it feasible to own, you can be sure that Instant Auto Sale will be happy to pay you cash for your car.

Instant Auto Sale is in business to help you clean up your driveway by removing your unwanted autos for you. As an environmentally sensitive company, Instant Auto Sale will take away any old vehicle that may be leaking oil and other fluids into the ground around your home.

Vehicles are filled with fluids that are dangerous to the environment, pets and your children. Antifreeze is a sweet tasting poison that animals can consume, which can result in injury or death to your pet. When you have an older car that you are no longer in need of and it becomes a danger, you need to call an expert to come and remove it for you.

Instant Auto Sale is an expert in vehicle removal and will be happy to come and take your vehicle away for you. We will pay you for your vehicle and you will have a nice, safe area for your children and pets.

Because we are experts in removal of vehicles, we will dispose of any unwanted junk car or inoperable car in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
You can let us worry about containing the fluids and other toxic wastes that make up a vehicle.

If you have a nicer vehicle that you no longer need, we are willing to buy it from you.

The hardest part about selling a used vehicle is putting the ad in the paper and then waiting. You are waiting for strangers to come to your home and look at your used car. When we buy the car from you, you no longer will need to worry about who comes to your home or whether the buyer will have enough cash or possibly write you a bad check.

Since we pay you directly for your used car, you do not need to worry if you are going to get your money.

One of the best ways to sell a car is to sell that car to us at Instant Auto Sale.


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“Instant Auto Sale bought my car, and I just wanted to express my thanks to them. Process went smooth, I sold
my car fast. Overall they did what they said, and helped me sell my vehicle.”