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When you need to sell your vehicle quickly, whether it is running or not, then Instant Auto Sales should be your first call. Offering the best prices in the industry for junk car removal, we are a premier auto recycler. We purchase all varieties of vehicles, running or not, in any condition, any year, make and model. What this means for you is that ugly wrecked car is out of your yard and you will have money in your pocket instead of paying tickets for ordinance violations. It also means you are doing your part to protect the environment.

Junk cars present many hazards to your family’s health and the environment. They often attract vermin and dangerous snakes. Dangerous fluids, such as antifreeze, gasoline, transmission or brake fluid, can leak out and pose a danger to children and pets. These vehicles also contain dangerous heavy metals and PCB’s that can be released into the environment, polluting the local water supply. Exposure to these dangerous pollutants, even in small amounts, can create serous health issues, including lung, liver and kidney damage, particularly for children. Automotive recyclers spend an average of $50 million dollars a year to prevent environment disasters and remain compliant with Federal and State regulations. Instant Auto Sales is proud to be able to help you eliminate these dangers by purchasing your vehicles for salvage.

In the U.S., car manufacturers have put the focus on creating cars that are more recyclable when they have reached the end of their usefulness. The automobile recycling industry is a $22 Billion a year industry which puts money back in the consumer’s pocket while protecting the environment. In fact, auto recyclers were able to recycle enough metal from junk cars in 1997 to make 13 million new vehicles. This metal recycling effort saved 85 million barrels of oil that year; Oil that would have otherwise been used in the production of new auto parts. As part of this industry, Instant Auto Sales is doing its part to protect the environment and ensure that we leave a lasting legacy of recycled resources for our family and yours by making it possible for you to sell junk cars, rather than letting them create an environmental hazard.

Automotive recycling is important. It protects the environment and provides resources for the next generation of manufacturers. We can’t do our job without you so do your part today and call us. We will put you in contact with one of our buyers immediately so you can get a cash payment for vehicles you no longer want or need.


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