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How to make money off of a junk car

cash for junk cars san diegoIs there an old car sitting in the driveway? Maybe it was in an accident and although it is possible to drive, no one does. All it does is sit taking up space and every once in a while someone mentions trying to sell it. Most people don’t realize how easy it is to put a little money in their pocket and get rid of the unwanted car all at the same time. No need to put an add in the paper or on the internet, just a simple phone call and the car is gone.

There are companies that offer cash for cars. They are located all over the Country. In the San Diego area it is easy to find a reliable company that pays for junk cars. The car can be in any condition. They take cars who aren’t running and will be glad to pick the car up. Just a simple phone call and the whole process starts. The owner can have a check in their hand the same day. It is that easy.


If someone does not have a title, the car company will be able to help. All that is needed is a driver’s license and a copy of the registration. If both the registration and title are missing, then it is possible to talk to the DMV and get that information quickly. A very easy process. That should not stop someone from calling to get a quote of how much the car is worth. Remember, the longer someone puts off making that first call, the longer they have that old car when they could have cash in the bank.

If a car is totaled in an accident, the insurance company might offer money for the damaged car. Now that sounds tempting, but it is often possible to find a company that advertises “we buy cars” in the area that will offer more money than the insurance company will pay. These cars are used for cheap transportation, extra parts or scrap metal. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Cars that have water damage often do not have a good future. They can’t be sold most of time and car dealers don’t want them as trade ins, so selling them to a company that pays instant cash for cars in any condition is the best answer.

A simple phone call is all it takes to get the ball rolling. It is possible to get an offer over the phone.Hard to believe, but that old junker is worth money and someone might as well as be using the cash.

There are several good reasons to get rid of that old car. It can certainly be a liability and most neighbors would like to see that car off the street or the drive way. It is really a moral responsibly to do something about it. By, getting the money, often the same day as the call makes most people wonder why they let the car sit for so long.

If that question of how to sell a junk car seems overwhelming then take a deep breath and see how easy and quick it is to do. There are no tricks or hidden fees when selling a car through a reputable company. If the car has no insurance on it, let the company come with their tow truck and pick it up. They can make the deal right on the spot. No need to go anywhere. Just take and cash and enjoy knowing that the car is going to taken care of.

It is a good idea to get several quotes from companies that buy junk cars. Often the highest offer will be the best deal. On the used car market, a car is valued by the make and model, but with the junk car buyers, the car is valued for what parts it can provide. Often people want used parts when they repair a car and so automobile repair shops are always looking for these parts. That is what makes these cars valuable even when they don’t look like they would be worth anything.

So take the first step and get that car sold without the hassles of classified adds. No need to wait for phone calls of potential buyers. A great buyer is located right in the San Diego community just waiting to write a check. People have been dealing with these companies for years. They have a great reputation and most car owners don’t realize this.

So take a look at the car. Make some notes about it. Is it running or does it need to be picked up? Find the title and registration. The DMV can help with this, but it might take a little time. After all these ducks are in a row,it is time to make that call. Most people call at least three companies for quotes over the phone. The quote over the phone will usually be very accurate if all the correct information was used.

If this sounds to good to be true, don’t worry it is true and that money can be in the bank just as quickly as it takes to make that first phone call. Don’t let that old car sit and leak oil. It is the responsible thing to do.

Remember, it is possible to have a pocketful of cash and an empty driveway. Just make that initial phone call. It is just that easy and no one is ever sorry as they are on their way to the bank.


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